To be a global leader in crypto exchange and blockchain solutions, with a focus on financial benefit and safety of all stakeholders.

Real Time

Real time price charts for quick trades and transactions

USDT Trading

Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies with USDT

Better Trading Fee

Trade with our Exchange with just trading fee as low as 0.2%


To offer the best quality service with a wide range of products by providing innovative, secure, & cost-effective solutions for customers

Founded in 2017, Calfin Global Crypto Exchange CGCX set out to offer a highly sophisticated cryptocurrency exchange for a seamless & secure crypto trading experience. Unlike most exchanges that offer only cryptocurrency trading, CGCX caters to the larger blockchain community by providing four services under a single platform.

To safeguard the interests of our traders, as a unique security feature, all tokens stored on our exchange wallets are insured against cyber-attacks and hacking. We had a successful token generation event, the proceeds of which were mainly used for the enhancement of our platform with further modules in order to offer additional blockchain solutions and expansion into other geographies.


Bringing together decades of experience in technology, financial services and compliance.

Sathyanandham Anguswami | CEO

Subramanyeswara Sarma | CFO

Don K Asok | CTO

Vin Menon | Co-Founder & Advisor